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14 October 2011 @ 01:51 am
I already asked if this counted as stalking and his manager said "nah we already have three legit"  
And thus in under 12 hours I am getting on a plane to kick off my three day Skrill-straveganza. There is a long story behind how I ended up obtaining tickets to all three events, plus afterparty. My schedule looks sort of like this:

9:00AM - head to airport
11:00AM - get on plane to Montreal
12:00PM - hang out with bro Marie in Montreal for the day, explore the city
10:00PM - Skrillex Show @ Metropolis, Montreal

2:00AM - Go to Skrillex afterparty
2:00PM - Get on plane to Toronto
7:00PM - Skrillex Show @ Kool Haus, Toronto

10:00PM - Skrillex Show @ Hoxton, Toronto

This will be my first time seeing 12th Planet, Nadastron, Dillon Francis and JRabbit so I'm gonna try to concentrate/write about their performances.

I have my life cut out for me, whoops. I already went over this with his tour manager the Roadhog (rob hardy is a megabro) and he just said "Nah, we already have three actual stalkers who have assaulted people. Don't even worry."


... We'll see how this goes!