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The One and Only Endless Sky
18 September


Lover, fighter, destroyer of worlds. Saving the universe, one awesome action at a time. Sings, dances, draws, acts, and is generally theatrical. Wants to be a model but not tall enough. Semi-Vegetarian. Enjoys every colour of the rainbow, except sometimes orange. Believes in the fun of building gundam models, turkey burgers, the manliness of Coldplay and dance class. Quite possibly addicted to every source of music imaginable. Proud Canadian. Oh, and supposedly a career graphic designer.

tries to live life

Likes nearly anything, especially video games just like the rest of the internet. Will write long drawn out essays on how games are art and will sincerely mean it. Likes good food, good clothes, and good times. Not afraid to work hard to get what she wants. If Douglas Coupland books were people she would date them.

to the fullest

You have just realized that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote both Sherlock Holmes and The Lost World. You are now picturing Sherlock Holmes and Watson riding a T-Rex in the depths of the Amazon. Good luck getting rid of that.

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